Welcome All!

For a some time my various blogs have lain fallow, in part because the things that I have been focussing on are not the right things to be posting on my older blogs. So while I will keep those older blogs in the background as a legacy this new blog is intended to capture my hobby activity more completely (and thus make it easier for me to stay motivated to post). So here is what I plan to talk about in my blogs, I hope you find something of interest!

Pen and Paper

I aim to post stuff from my role playing games ranging from my experiences in playing in a 5E version of the classic Temple of Elemental Evil to running the Hoard of the Dragon Queen and my development notes on my setting for my next campaign.


This category is for me to share pictures of the miniatures I have been painting. The different subcategories reflect the companies whose products I work on mostly.


A place for me to share battle reports and other news or information about the various games I play. I’m mostly focussed on Kings of War and Infinity at this time, but I hope to get more games of Relic Knights, Malifaux and Warmachine/Hordes in the future.

Digital Games

Truth is I’m not much of a digital gamer, though for some months my play of Neverwinter Nights Online has taken up a lot of my hobby time that would otherwise be spent doing things like painting miniatures.