Relic Knights Demonstration Lists

So Relic Knights is a game I backed heavily on Kickstarter and of course now the challenge is finding people that I can play the game with and get some use out of all the miniatures I purchased. To that end I have assembled (and mostly painted) the following lists of models to teach people how to play the game.

Wait you’re wondering what Relic Knights is?

Well its a skirmish scale (so 10-20 models) anime inspired skirmish game. It has a few unique rules; like there is no “to hit roll” if you can pay the cost of activating the power it works (on attack or defence). The game alternates activation from player to player, 1 unit/model at a time, so there isn’t a lot of waiting around. No dice, instead the game uses unique cards eith different amounts of resources on them, you need to manage your hand of cards to be sure your powers work when you want them to adding a very different game play experience. There are no deployment zones, just restrictions on how close you can deploy to each other. Objectives are really important!

You can find the complete rules and most of the miniatures rules here.

So here are the lists I have compiled:

Shattered Sword Paladins:
This list is assembled and under-coated, but I did only start them yesterday. Its a simple list based around Isabeau’s healing and the whole “Paladin” thing. These guys are the “tank” faction, with some of the most durable models in the game (though this list doesn’t fully exploit that).
1 Francis Malory & Quill
1 Isabeau Durand
3 Purifiers
5 Swordsworn

Noh Empire:Noh Marikan
This list is fully painted, and is for the faction that attracted me to the Kickstarter in the first place. 🙂 This is the “big monsters” faction, though the effectiveness of those big monsters can be hard to really get firing. Marikan and the Render bring shooting while the Priestess can buff things nicely. As a Chaos Master Marikan has some very handy tricks up her sleeve with her ability to draw line of sight from Lakmi.
1 Marikan To & Lakmi
2 Berserkers
1 Render
1 Serpent Priestess


CSC MCCerci Speed Circuit:
The speed freaks list. Though not as super fast as they can be, the Hell’s Belles models show of the ability of Cerci Speed Circuit to get around the table really quickly, while the other models fulfil support roles and interfere with the opponent’s plans.
1 Marie-Claude & Esmee
2 Hell’s Belles
2 Pit Crew
1 Royal Wrecker
1 Esper Condenser



Black Diamond:BD Leopold
If the Shattered Sword are the “tanks” of the game, then Black Diamond are the “dps” of the game. Usually a very strong shooting army this list also pulls in one of my favourite models in the game, the Diamond Back – because if you are going to have an anime skirmish game one of your lists better have a giant mecha in it!
1 Leopold Magnus & Static
3 Diamond Corps
1 Diamond Back
1 M8