Relic Knights: QNK Open Day 010815

So its a long time since I manage to break out my Relic Knights models, but at my local club’s (Queensland Northern Knights) Open Day I brought it along and got to play a game. I set up the 4 lists that I posted about previously (here), and let the guy I was showing the game to pick a force; he picked the Black Diamond list, while I picked the Cerci Speed Circuit list.

I set up the table using my Micro Arts Warehouse district map using my Deadzone terrain and a few bits of scatter including some of the Infinity paper crates. (Still need to order my Reaper Bones ones.) By chance my terrain happens to look right at home on the mat.

Then we flipped to see who would be Hero and Villain in this match and he won the flip and elected to make me Villain (which in the fluff he’s the villain and I’m the hero so…). As a result I determine scenarios (random) and deploy first at each stage, and he has the first activation.

After deployment the table looked like this:

Deployment 010815


My objectives were Secure Perimeter (which was perfect for my list), Assassination (which he chose the Diamondback as the target for) and (Salvage Operation ?) and I completely forgot about the faction specific ones (otherwise I could have won the game).

I don’t recall the specifics of the game in great detail but thanks to the insane speed of the Hell’s Bells and some lucky initial draws of a lot of yellow while they were busy, and having Esmee be the first model I had queued (removing the AoE debuff from Static that would have made my start much worse).

Hells Bells Ride Past


Thanks to that 18 inch move, and being shot at a couple of times while I had the cards to dodge and get the extra 4 inches from movement, in 3 activations the Belles were able to get easily to the 3 enemy objectives for Secure the Perimeter to be completed. This was done well before I cycled my deck (first 8 activations total) and would have given me 7 points, then I would have just had to kill those 2 unfortunate Diamond Corps guys (MC wasted one on her first activation) and I would have had the win. Of course it was a demo game, so me forgetting the faction specific objectives was a good thing.

Diamondback Into Action

At this point the Hell’s Bells are on their way back, so I can try to focus fire down the Diamondback for the 3 points from the assassination objective. At this time I believe my opponent is going for the objective on the right of the image to complete his major. The token you see beside it is a crash site AoE marker. It doesn’t do a lot of damage but it means that getting in there with anything will make it vulnerable to a slew of my models that are in striking range. However the fact that he moved the Diamondback has disrupted my game plan at this point. Its his next activation of Leopold where he ignores the Belles and strikes at the Wrecker (just off this picture to the right) where the game starts to turn.

Wrecking the Wrecker

This is where the Diamondback and Magnus really started to wreck the Wrecker, which despite having charged has done minimal damage to the Diamondback, and I’m starting to wonder how I’m going to kill that huge thing. (Yes, he totally picked the right unit to make me assassinate.)

Kill the Mechanics

His next smart move was ignoring the badly damaged Wrecker and going after the Pit Crew to stop them from repairing the Wrecker.  After crushing 1 pit crew, then the Magnus destroyed the Wrecker (all at minimal damage to the Diamondback), he was turning the game around. He had completed his 3 point victory condition and was now on 4 points for crushing the Wrecker. As I next had MC start working on my 2 point objective. He then left this side of the board…

The Final Charge

At the time of the picture the M8 has nearly blown the 2 Hell’s Bells up, they have 1 or 3 health left. (Yes I made a mistake and there should only be 1 HB at this stage.) From the position you see here the Diamondback charges the Belles, who have a 3-2 movement buff and so will finish the objective this turn and this time I correctly apply the damage and he wipes them out (because my hand kept filling with red and orange, and while I could dodge a shot, I couldn’t dodge a melee attack). At this point I have MC, Esmee and 1 Pit Crew model on the table and he has Magnus, Static, 1 Diamond Corp, the M8 and the Diamondback.

While I can try silly tricks with MC and hope to get a handful of the Blue and Green she needs to be effective I have to leave and I’m happy to call the game his. It was only a matter of a few activations and MC was going to be dead due to the combined fire power of the M8 and Magnus.

I loose 8 – 5 (or 7 with the forgotten faction victory condition). But the game wasn’t really as close as that makes it sound.

This game reminded me about why I like Relic Knights, the rules are pretty simple so you don’t have to look things up much if you play regularly (this was my 2nd game and first  in 6 months or more) but the resource management and game flow observations you need to make for the game to work well are important.

Remember the Faction Victory Conditions & don’t forget to apply damage to 1 model at a time until all models in the danger zone until 1 model is dead, regardless of how many models may be hit.