Obsidian Oath

My Scourge Warlock Build:

Paragon Path: Soulbinder

Attributes (with Campfire):

Oath Stats


As Con is a primary attribute there was no need to sacrifice into it and Charisma is where most of the damage comes from. You could run more Int for more damage ignored of course, balancing the 2 stats out.


My active powers are nearly always:
Dailies: Tyrannical Threat & Flames of Phlegethos
Passives: All-Consuming Curs and Dust to Dust
Encounters: Killing Flames, Dreadtheft and Soul Scorch. I rotate Soul Scorch out for Firey Burst or Hadar’s Grasp depending on the situation.
At-Wills: Essence Defiler and Hand of Blight.  Mostly I spam Essence Defiler unless something gets beside me, then a few hits with Blight helps keep the damage out high and reduces damage in.


The small dabble into Fury is there to boost the DPS a bit, more damage after a Crit and more damage from having Soul Sparks is quite helpful. I didn’t choose Mocking Spirit because the puppet tanks well enough without more threat and giving it more damage and me more damage was better than it having more threat.

Oath Feats


I’ve gone for a mix of defensive and offensive boons. These are where I’m least sure about the options.