October 2015 Miniatures

October has been one of the more productive miniature painting months I have had in a while! With a number of models that have needed work for a while, along with some new ones, getting completed and finally pushing me back towards the goal I had at the start of the year of 20 models a month (though that is long abandoned, one year I will make it all the way through at that pace).

Kings of War

I have a Kings of War tournament coming up shortly and at 1250 points its a little smaller than I am comfortable with for using my established army composition. This meant going back to the drawing board and sorting out something new. Which in turn meant painting 10 orcs on boars, a giant and an “orc war drum”. Well the orcs on boars I had waiting to be assembled and painted, the “orc war drum” gave me an excuse to prioritise the Stone Haven Half-Orc Bard and the giant should have been a Reaper model but part way through the month I got the ability to buy an old GW metal giant for a reasonable price (along with some elves).

The boar riders are my first venture into multi-basing, and I’m happy enough with it for this purpose. The middle orc is mounted on an old Harlequin Miniatures metal boar, which gives the troop a bit more weight and stability.

The bard got the red coat because red features prominently in my army, and it makes for a good distinctive look. Her skin is painted in the grey colours I have used for half-orcs for a while for DnD rather than the green of my orcs, and she will need to be magnetised and placed on a 50mm base for the tournament.

Dungeons and Dragons

We like using miniatures in our DnD games and my half-elf (drow) barbarian was a great excuse to paint Reaper’s (metal) Ice Queen model. The fact our monk was intended to be a ninja let me pull out an old Clan War Scorpion Clan ninja and paint him up as well. (It takes a surprisingly long time to paint a black miniature…). Finally I have painted and finished a Reaper Bones mushroom man, the smallest of the set, to represent the NPC Stool.

In addition to these miniatures there is the Stonehaven Gnome Knight that I painted and used for a Oath of the Ancients Paladin, with his summoned Wolf mount.

The last miniature is from Red Box Games and is another barbarian concept, this time it is yet to see the light of day as a PC, but perhaps one day as being able to start with the Charger feat as a human has some great benefits for a barbarian.


I also had to put some effort into finishing a selection of my ALEPH models as well, turns out saying “I will do this” in a public place remains a great motivator. This is actually an ITS Legal 200 point ALEPH list, not that I would recommend taking it to a tournament. These are also among the first models I have made use of ScaleColour paints from Scale 75 on, specifically using a flesh mix suggested in their Unnatural Flesh pack, which looks quite natural.


While not the miniature I have owned for the longest to get painted this month (the Harlequin boars win that prize), this miniature is the one that has been “in process” for the longest, having been started back around Easter time. Izamu the Armor brings me one step closer to having my initial Kirai list completed, just the Daimyo to go now. (Then I need to get started on the new models I have to build some options.)