Tarraim Rran – 22/10/16

Session Notes:holocron

For the usual reasons of family and other adult commitments only 3 players managed to make it to the game this night. I wasn’t prepared to run a session (I was due to take that mantle on again in 2 weeks), however the 3 players present were all the Force users in the game. As a result I went back to the Force and Destiny web adventure “Lure of the Lost” to develop the ‘base’ some more for the PCs with the strongest ties to it.

Session Summary

Atar (Human, Starfighter Ace), Kayl (Human, Consular), and Tuwer (Wookie Gunslinger, Force Sensitive Emergent) went to the city of Reles to find out the fate of Gant Doneta, the last Jedi stationed at the Temple, who vanished 5 years ago. While investigating Gant’s fate they were directed to the Crimson Freighter, there (one Despair later) they were attacked by Imperials (well the Imperials came to arrest them, and there was a fight), escaping that predicament they returned to the temple.

Once back at the temple they investigated one of the rooms and learnt that there were originally 3 holocrons that were part of the Temple’s systems, but only 1 was left. That one, that the party had been calling the Guardian turned out to be the Curator, he was able to tell them of the loss of one of the others. As that holocron was nearby the PCs went to recover it from a series oden-motherf caves that were strong in the Dark Side.

While in the caves Atar found a sabre crystal, Kayl found the lost holocron and was presented a sabre crystal and Tuwer gave in to his rage and was eventually calmed by Atar and Kayl once they found him outside.

The session ended with wolves howling, their howls carrying the taint of the Dark side…


  • Reles – Capital city of planet Spintir. The only spaceport on Spintir and only city. Has huge economic disparity in classes. Has an Imperial Garrison and the Imperial Supervisor is Caria Haal.
  • Crimson Freighter Canteena – Rebel sympathetic dive in Reles. “If it had a bouncer he would be a Gamorran.”
  • The Dawn Temple – damaged and abandoned Jedi Temple on Mount Telec. (PC’s base of operations.)
  • Caves of Light and Shadow – near the Dawn Temple, it is the location of a vergence in the Dark Side of the Force associated with the torture of an Icewolf Den Mother.


  • Guardians – Three Holocrons that are the master control devices for the Dawn Temple.
    • The Curator – Guardian of the Knowledge of the Temple. Appears as a ghostly silvery blue elderly Cerean male in simple robes.
    • The Warden – Guardian of the Body of the Temple. Appears as a ghostly golden yellow Zabrak with a topknot of hair protruding out of her crown of horns. She wears armoured robes and has a lightsabre on her belt.
  • Gant Doneta – Human Jedi Deceased. Last Jedi at the Dawn Temple, killed by Imperials in Reles.
  • Kell Parry – Human Information Broker in Reles
  • Marclonus Menaraev – Male ISB Agent. Lost an eye to Tuweer’s Disrupter, which has now been replaced by cybernetics. A Dark Side Force user told him that “those responsible would pay brother”.
  • YJ-1554 – A sympathetic (male) Stormtrooper, that helped facilitate Tuwer, Atar and Kayl’s escape from the Crimson Freighter.

Current Earnt XP Total: 270

A quick note on XP:
I keep the whole party on the same XP total, it just makes life easier for me to manage things in general. However Star Wars is a game system where it probably doesn’t matter a whole lot (at least in this version) as long as the characters are not over lapping too much.

I’m also now following the advice from Order 66 podcast crew of 5xp an hour of solid play, so this game is getting pretty much 20xp a session. Which with fortnightly play gives reasonable development.

A quick note on the sabre crystals:
Clearly the idea for the sabre crystals came from the Rebels and Clone Wars episodes that dealt with these subjects. This wasn’t actually how I had planned to handle it, but the moment the PCs went to the Caves the opportunity was there to go with the ideas seen in the canon material and run with it. Sometimes the art of DMing is running with the moment, and that is something of a skill that the Star Wars system depends on.