Miniatures from January 2017

Welcome to 2017!

Well I have resumed my gaming schedule for the year fully now with 3 campaigns of FFG Star Wars that I am running and 1 that I’m playing in, plus other things that I hope to discuss later this year (NDAs and all). So I’m busy, busy, busy and that’s just with gaming!

So aside from various updates from my campaigns that I hope to do regularly this year one of the other goals is to get back to sharing my painting. I’m an average painter who is just working on producing nice table top miniatures. I admit that I could take the time to level up my painting to be a good painter and produce nice miniatures, but the time it takes to produce a nice miniature is time I don’t have if I want to get more of my ridiculous collection of unpainted miniatures done in some sort of time frame. (Done of course being an impossible task as finished models means buying new ones. :))

The following shows the models that I finished in January, some have waited a long time to go from ‘started’ to ‘finished’, some waited a week.

Infinity Models

First up for the year I got a whole lot of my Pan O models finished so that I can use them in a tournament next weekend. My list is painted and based to represent armies from the ice world of Svalarheima, hence all the white. This year I have ambitions of rebasing and repainting my Aleph army, so it will be Pan O and Nomads in tournaments for a while.

(Well apparently I missed a model in the photo shoot….)

Relic Knights Models

These models were painted as part of my ongoing effort to clear some stuff off the Shelf of Shame (where models go to sit and wait to be painted after being assembled and prepared for painting), and then in a timely occurrence Ninja Division announced the upcoming release of 2E for Relic Knights and Beasts of War had a feature week for the game. Giving me extra inspiration to get models done. Mostly these models belong to the Noh faction and I have deviated from the official scheme to the blue and white you see below so that they can double as Oni in DnD games. 🙂

Other Models

Mostly these models are from FFG’s Imperial Assault game, but the female with the bag is Victoria from Bombshell Miniatures. The wookie is painted white to be a stand in for one of the PCs in one of my campaigns. Victoria is actually a model painted to represent one of my Star Wars characters (my ‘slightly’ insane doctor/marauder/enforcer).

Enjoy the adventure!