February 2017 Painting

Well March has been a busy month, so its taken me nearly all of it to get the February pictures taken and post an update. That’s besides the other things that I haven’t really found time for either.

So as the Relic Knights 2.0 Kickstater approached i was very motivated to paint Relic Knights models and so they are the main feature of the month. I broke them up with just 4¬†other models. Most of the Relic Knights models have been on the Shelf of Shame since April or May of last year, some even longer, but this month saw a big dint in that part of the shelf! In fact now I’m starting to run out of space to display painted models and need to rearrange things to accommodate better (until I can afford the new display cases in August).


Relic Knights Models

This month I managed to get models finished for the 1.5 version of the rules that will let me field 50 point lists with Relic Knight for 2 more factions, Doctrine and Black Diamond, plus got closer to having 1 of every Noh model painted (at this point I need to finish 2 models to have that done).

Toughest Girls in the Galaxy Models

These 2 girls are painted up to be used as part of either Elves or Nightstalkers in Kings of War, they are probably the highest standard I’ve painted to in a while and I even attempted a bit of glazing on the sorceress.

Other Models

Definitely only a quick paint job for the table top here in comparison. The Jedi is from Star Wars: Imperial Assault and the red monster is from Hordes, bringing me 1 step closer to having all my Legion models painted (which I really need to decide what I will be doing with them).