A New Dawn

I have been running an FFG Star Wars campaign on and off for over 12 months now, and having hit a high point for a chapter end (with 1 PC resolving a key background point) I decided to take another break and let one of the other players run a campaign for a few months. We played the first session of that campaign and then his daughter decided it was time to be born (which is a big yay). As a result there was much discussion about what we would do in the meantime. Now I couldn’t really go back to the other campaign, with 2 players gone for an indefinite period (and a third who is available about 1/2 the time due to work or study) so there was some discussion. In the end I realised I wanted to run a campaign that featured space battles, and the main campaign wasn’t going to be the place for that, so a new smaller campaign was in order.

Module Base

Being this is a campaign to fill an unknown amount of real time I looked first at the modules that FFG has created for the game that I could use as a starting point to create a story. I play in a game with people that had play tested Friends Like These, and knowing their campaign in a broad sense it seemed to be a good place to start hanging a campaign from, especially as I could ask the GM for tips on using the module. Reading up on it I learnt that it was not a “starting character” campaign, which didn’t really suit what I wanted (after all my main campaign is now hitting the 400xp earnt mark and experienced players can do a lot with 150xp and a bunch of credits). As a result I needed to find something else, something that would let the PCs be pilots and that suited starting characters. Looking through the various contents I found the module in the Age of Rebellion core book was a perfect way to get the game started and get the PCs ships. From there the GM Kit module Dead in the Water offered a lot of the things I was looking for as well.

With the Perlemian Haul and Dead in the Water I had plenty to work with to set the characters up for playing Friends Like These and plenty of opportunities to get the PCs shooting things in ships could be inserted (or are already in) the later 2 modules.


I set the PCs as standard starting characters with Duty 10 and the requirement they must have 1 rank in the Piloting skill. They could take careers, specialisations and species from any of the books. Players were permitted to add an Obligation if they wished to suit their character’s background, but would gain no additional XP/Credits for doing so. Similarly they could add Morality if they were a Force user, but could not adjust up or down for a benefit.

In the end the characters are:

  • Lucius Venn, a fallen Corellian noble turned Hotshot Pilot.
  • Qe Nhenn; a Sullustan smuggler.
  • Oovoc’zuda, a Twi’lek Squadron Leader in need of a squadron.
  • Blitz Reagan, a human smuggler.

The player of Qe Nhenn also brought a Squadron Leader along for the ride, but there was less overlap and overshadowing between the 2 smugglers than the Squadron Leaders.

As to Duty, only Blitz didn’t have Space Superiority as a Duty, he was all about the team’s Morale, though with only 30 points of Duty between them to start with, it may not matter much.

Campaign Background

A New Dawn
Episode I: The First Rays

It is a dark time in the galaxy. The EMPIRE spreads its influence ever further, bringing fear, hatred and hunger. As worlds are ground under the boots of the Empire there are whispers of REBELLION.

A broadcast from LOTHAL has echoed across the galaxy calling on those who see what the Empire has done to their lives, their families and their freedom. Calling them to stand up and fight back.

Rebellion in a galaxy needs pilots, and pilots need ships, and FULCRUM knows a place where a small group of dedicated pilots might just be able to get what they need…

Additional Background

The Brak sector is located in the Expansion Region approximately twenty light years from the Corellian Run on the Slice. On the Empire’s official reports, it is listed as containing 67 inhabited systems and 355 uninhabited systems. The actual number of inhabited systems is around 90 counting the small, undocumented colonies and unofficial operations that exist in the sector.

The sector is governed by Moff Lesan Ramier. The Imperial Navy maintains a standard Sector Group in the sector since most of the sector is owned or dependent upon the Lant Mining Corporation, a company loyal to the Empire. The other major business in the sector is the independent shipyard, Bacrana Shipyards. Admiral Garrik Trier is in command of the Navy’s forces and he would very much like Bacrana to be more Imperial and less independent.

Current Year

  • 16th of the Empire.
  • 3 years before ANH/Rogue One.
  • Season 2 of Rebels is concurrent.