The First Rays

For many reasons it has been a long time between games for our intrepid Rebels, so this update has been much delayed as well.

First Session Blues

After a long time playing characters with 150 or more xp as a starting point the players found it very different returning to starting characters. Long experience with a group of characters that had the skill sets to get most jobs done. Add to this of course the usual difficulties as the legs of new characters are stretched and the (PC) group dynamics are sorted out and a task I felt was fairly straightforward became rapidly more complicated. As a result the players didn’t quite progress as quickly through the starting module as I expected.

However it did give us an opportunity to have some fun as the players tried to interact with the information broker Passk, who became very camp quite quickly, as they tried hard to get information about their job without revealing that they were working for the Rebellion. (Which of course made it much harder to get the information.) As a result the PCs ended up spliting up, two joined a Dockhand Guild the Big Black and the other two started their own little guild. Which at least went well for both groups.

As a result they were able to infiltrate the intended ship, where they found the walls were not as empty as they expected, and the freighter was hauling more than just goods.

Playing the Perlemian Haul from this book.

Prisoners of M226

Captured IMPERIAL data reveals that the mysterious CORELLIAN HAUL, an Imperial convoy filled with valuable information and powerful weapons, must stop above Remduba II to refuel.

A REBEL taskforce was sent to Martle Station to infiltrate the Corellian Haul and recover a squadron of V-19 TORRENT STARFIGHTERS being carried by the freighter designated M226, and if possible liberate the freighter as well.

With the advice of the Trandoshan information broker PASSK, the Rebel cell made their way onto the freighter where they located the star fighters and a group of prisoners, including the Besalisk BENNY CHAN, who they hope will help them steal the freighter…