A Narrow Bridge

Playing the Perlemian Haul from this book.

On narrow ground, if you are the first, you should fill it up to await your opponent. – Sun Tzu

Last Session

A new character joined the party last session, a Besalisk Assassin by the name of Benny Chen, who in the end was one of the last characters standing as the dust cleared from the battle for the prison block of freighter M266. On the other hand the player of Blitz Reagan (Human, Smuggler) was still not able to attend, so we transferred all the states on Qe Nhenn (Sullustan, Smuggler) to Blitz to allow the character that was present to operate at full capacity (not that it helped much…).

The session was very much one long fight. Probably the longest fight we have had in a game of Star Wars, with 2 of 4 PCs being played being dropped unconscious (Qe Nhenn twice…) during the fight and only excellent leadership rolls by Oovoc’zuda (Twi’lek, Commander) keeping the party in the fight as he was able to motivate prisoners to join the fight and ensure their own liberation. This also allowed the players whose characters were unconscious to continue to participate in the game actively as they were able to take control of a minion squad each.

Now in possession of some stormtrooper armour and a few more guns the PCs have lead the prisoners off to the bridge where the final confrontation for the fate of M266 will unfold (or maybe not depending on how we go with Despair rolls :))

Imperial Officer from page 434 of Age of Rebellion by FFG.

A Narrow Bridge

Battle erupts on the bridge of M226 as REBEL and IMPERIAL forces struggle over the fate of the freighter.

The REBEL taskforce sent to Martle Station to infiltrate the Corellian Haul and recover a squadron of V-19 TORRENT STARFIGHTERS being carried by the freighter stand on the brink of completing their mission of liberating the fighters and M266 for their cause.

Standing between the Rebels and their goal are LIEUTENANT COMMANDER NOOR and his bridge crew. Commander Noor knows that on a narrow bridge one man can make all the difference and he intends on adding the capture of these Rebel scum to his achievements…